Classic Restorations (Scotland) Ltd. is the largest and longest established restorer and repairer of Classic & Vintage motor cars in Scotland. Our staff of 19 employees, including 10 craftsmen fully trained in their own specialised fields, cover all of the many traditional trades necessary to return classic vehicles back to their pristine best and across all different marques and era's. It is this breadth of knowledge, skill and experience that means much of our restoration work is performed in-house, chromium and nickel plating and wood restoration is outsourced to trusted partners we have worked with for many years.

In short we believe there are few firms anywhere that are better equipped to undertake vehicle restorations, whether partial or full. When you entrust your car to Classic Restoration (Scotland) Ltd. it is with a firm who for over 30 years has lovingly restored many classic and vintage vehicles back to life







Aston Martin

Aston Martin



You don't need to own a classic vehicle like these.
We service, repair and restore all vehicles.

At Classic Restorations we offer a complete range of services, from routine maintenance of a family vehicle to a complete restoration of an aging classic. And we offer a free inspection and report of all models. That's because it is our ambition that most Scottish cars are looked after in our own beautiful country. Classic Restorations have the experience and capability for that task. And while we are not saying that all Scottish restoration work should be taken on by ourselves, we urge owners to look at the expertise within Scotland perhaps before sending their cars hundred of miles away for work. Work that if we perform, will be carried out with at least equal skill and probably at a lower price.

Rolls-Royce in a service bay


Restoration in progress


Leather Coach Trimming

Coach Trimming

Buffing metalwork on a car


Spray painting in Dalby Paint Booth


Grinding metal on bare bodywork


Testing electrical components


Rolls-Royce Engine


Classic Resoration mechanics relaxing on stone bridge

The Bridge Club

"The mechanics stand on the bridge most lunch times and affectionately call it the "Bridge Club". No disrespect to any mechanics anywhere else, but to me these guys are what I would term "real mechanics", in a day when the whole motor industry has undergone vast changes. Cars are so different to when I started driving over twenty-five years ago. I'm glad that there's somewhere that exists that cares for cars, the kind that were built the way they were meant to be. These guys care about what they do and produce quality every time. They make almost everything themselves and are craftsmen in the truest sense of the word. That, along with the fact that they were incredibly nice to me when I came long to visit. This is one place that I will never forget."

Extract from the book 'A Portrait of Blairgowrie and Surrounding Areas' by John H Halvorsen - printed in November 2008