Regardless of how well a car is mechanically restored you need expert paintwork to bring out the visual beauty of a vehicle. That's why as perfectionists in every aspect of restoration you can rely on Classic Restorations (Scotland) Ltd to also provide an exceptional level of paintwork finish to your car, whether that's a full bare metal respray, repairing a single panel with a colour match or buffing out a small scratch.

To achieve this level of concours quality finish requires state of the art facilities. Our paintwork area includes a 1000sq. foot preparation space and a modern Dalby Paint Booth and oven. We completely strip the vehicle panels/body, blast clean them to eradicate all traces of paint, rust and grease and then bake dry before applying epoxy primer to protect against future corrosion. Then once the metal finishing is complete the body is sprayed with a bespoke polyester filler and blocked flat to ensure any remaining imperfections are removed. Finally we carefully spray with the finest quality water based or solvent paint, dictated by the car and the job, wet sand the top coat and buff to a winning shine.

It is said that good paintwork should look as if you could walk into it. If that's the case we like to think that every car that passes through our paintshop is a gleaming testament to the craft.

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Paintwork Services Include

  • Full Body Respray
  • State of the Art Equipment
  • Bare Metal Respray
  • Accident Damage Repairs
  • Lechler Colour Matching
  • Bake Oven For Thorough Curing